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Thankful in 2012

21 Nov

2012 has been a challenging year for everyone I know, and I think we have all grown a lot because of it. I am thankful for this growth. I am also thankful for these other things:

1. Hot dogs.

2. The power-ups Christopher De Voss gives me throughout the day. He’s 900 miles away, so I don’t even know how he does that. We’re like magical and stuff.

3. Magic and stuff.

4. Anything that eats spiders because I do not like those guys.

5. My budding hula hooping talent that will someday make me a vaudeville circus star.

6. That I never break my nose when I’m lying in bed and drop my phone directly on it.

7. My milkshake and the superabundance of boys it brings to the yard.

8. The roof over my head and the candy on my plate.

9. Laughter caused by Twitter. I can’t believe those people give that degree of funny away for free.

10. This surfing alpaca.


What are you thankful for?

Google Made Me A Perv

25 Jul

Lauren 9:33 AM (1 hour ago)
to Christopher



Dude, last night I had a dream about a blogger orgy. It was so awkward.


Christopher De Voss 9:40 AM (55 minutes ago)
to me



Blogger orgy? Sounds like a bunch of people sitting around with laptops asking,

“What are you going to write about…. I don’t know, what are you going to write about?”


As I was giggling about his reply, I looked over at the Google ads and realized…oh my god, I’m a 2012 virgin-geek who loves LOTR, wants to escape and has actually peed her pants while laughing at Chris De Voss. I think Google communicated with my subconscious and called me a virgin-geek and my subconscious was like, “Oh yeah? Well check out this dirty dream and see how geeky we are now!” So, I’m sorry for having a naughty dream about a lot of you (and what I think some of you look like). Google is to blame!

These were the ads:

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Take the Quiz.


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