8 Nov

Really good advice about becoming a level 10 secret agent…from a man who knows.

Shut Up Dad

Enough time has passed since my days as a covert operative.  I feel comfortable in sharing my abilities as a killing machine.  If not to prevent further death, you’ll at least sound really tough when you talk to people about my stories.  Below is information on how you can become a level 10 secret agent with ingredients in any household! Here it goes…

1. Ice– The third strongest metal in the world.  And it’s made of water.  Our bodies need it to survive, yet harnessed correctly can kill a man in seconds.  It’s the perfect weapon, and you can buy it at any liquor store.  The Soviets may have found your weapon stash, but they can’t stop the manufacture of ice.  Hell, Russia is made of ice.  And corruption.  But we don’t have time for that now.  When in the field, you will be placed in situations where normal…

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