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Happy Thanksgiving

22 Nov


Cheers, everyone. This year I am most thankful for this wine and the creativity and friendship of every one of you. Okay…mostly for the wine. Just kidding. If I could have you guys and this wine at the same time, that would be great. Not like “have” have you, though. A blogger orgy would be a weird orgy. Too nerdy and thinky, probably.

Confession: I’d like Chris and red wine right about now. That would be perfect. Le sigh…I’m quite a dreamy romantic, believe it or not.

Guys, I don’t know if you know this, but I am tipsy right now…red, red wine you make me feel so fine, you keep me rockin’ all of de time. God bless UB40.

So anyway, I ate like 800 pieces of pie and washed it down with 800 glasses of wine. Thank god I remembered to wear my eatin’ shirt.

Oh and also, I am thankful for my hot pink underpants because they say “Ooh La La.” Yay!

I should get back to my family. Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

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