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Oh, I’m So Lovely

12 Feb

I guess I got an award from twindaddy.



Thanks, buddy! I don’t usually participate, but I feel like sharing some fun facts, so here we go.


1. Last Valentine’s Day, Dane threatened to take me to Medieval Times for dinner. He even sent me a photo of the place etc… and said he was picking up the tickets. We didn’t go there (thank god), but instead went to a Greek rooftop restaurant called The Olive Room where we ate perhaps the best calamari of all time.

2. Last Thursday I ate an entire cake for dinner and I carry no regrets.

3. I do EFT. I know 99% of you will think it’s nuts, so hold on to your butts. Ha, poet. This one is relevant for this week.


4. I would probably still be a devout Catholic if communion tasted like pretzel dogs.

5. On Sunday I was blazing mad and taking my clothes off at the same time and I kicked my panties so hard that they flew up and landed on my head.

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