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Lesson #1 – Just Have Fun Already

6 Aug

Sometimes, for years at a time even, we do this crazy thing where take life too seriously. We all know that, yet it still happens. In our defense, it is kind of hard not to take life seriously when we live in a world where a lot of things aren’t going as planned, kids stab other kids, jobs are difficult to find, people are depressed, no one is perfect and watching the news often feels like a tragic chore.

I took life way too seriously for about 12 years. I so wanted to swim and have fun on the beach, but was convinced I didn’t have the body for it because I didn’t fit in and that “wasn’t fair.” So instead of having fun, I spent 12 years being a pathetic Sad Sally. While I was sweating and worrying, I could have been pretending to be a beautiful mermaid. I could have been doing handstands, or impressing boys with my shiny braces and bountiful bangs, or rocking a jet ski or at least enjoying myself in other ways instead of moping around.

You’ve probably taken something too seriously and when you thought about it too much, you were miserable and stressed, right? Did your stomach hurt? Were you constipated? Were you kind of evil and bitter? What does that tell you? The key I’ve learned is to stop focusing on it and go laugh at stuff like farts or have a drink instead. Or multiple drinks–your call.

The first time I finally wore a swimsuit in public after 12 years, I had to be coerced onto the beach. After that process, I then had to be coerced into the water and within 20 minutes, I was knocked over by a wave and my boobs popped out of my swimsuit and I did like 900 somersaults and I emerged from the ocean with seaweed in my hair and snot on my face and I was stumbling around like a baby giraffe taking its first steps and you know what? It was one of the best days of my life because it was hilarious and fun and I didn’t give a shit about what people thought about me.

Then I realized that worrying and taking it all so seriously was such a waste, and that there is just no point to not having a good time.




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