do midgets…

16 Nov

My old roommate was really short and had trouble reaching the pedals in her car. It got me thinking…do little people drive cars?  Is there such a thing as pedal extensions?

I decided to look it up and become more knowledgeable on the subject.

I typed “do midget,” but I didn’t even get to learn about their transportation options because my attention was drawn to the much more important inquiries asked by the rest of the world:

I have a good feeling that you’re okay with the fact that I wasn’t being politically correct that day.

13 Responses to “do midgets…”

  1. whatimeant2say November 16, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    So, being a teacher, I once wanted to find some curriculum to go along with the book, “Little Women.” I think you know what came up when I Googled that…


    • La La November 16, 2011 at 10:42 pm #

      Haha! I love your funny dog. Can’t wait to read more when I get to a computer.


  2. dee dee November 17, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    To answer your question, yes, they have pedal extensions. hehe


  3. kristajm1 November 17, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    I find “do midgets have night vision” absolutely hysterical.


    • La La November 17, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

      Me too!


  4. Mike is Happy January 30, 2012 at 4:45 pm #

    Numerous studies have shown that, “Do midgets have night vision wikipedia” is the funniest combination of words ever.

    And it gives me the idea… seeding google with nonsensical search results is going to be my new job. That or oldest, slowest bike messenger.


  5. Kyle April 13, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    this is brilliant


    • La La April 13, 2012 at 4:08 pm #

      Haha, do they have night vision?


      • Kyle April 13, 2012 at 4:20 pm #



  6. Christopher De Voss November 5, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    Half priced midget hookers? What happens if the hooker is over 6 feet tall?


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