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Perhaps I just need to get laid, but…

24 Feb

Baltimore is just not turning me on these days. Look at this mundane, lifeless lab. I’m editing a paper about T cells. The only sound I hear is the humming of a centrifuge. This feels like the longest day of my life.

This science lab does not turn me on.

I’m sick of dead grass and brown buildings. I’m tired of seeing prostitutes, crazy people and sidewalk syringes.

I could use a stimulating conversation. Switch me on. Give me visuals. I want colors and life.

This is where I was 7 years ago….

Scotland turns me on.

Now that’s sexy. Even just the memory of this place flushes my cheeks and fills me with light. It makes me want to run as fast as I can and use the full capacity of my lungs. I want to scream loud and hear my echo. I’ll be back for you, rolling hills, and you better ravish me just as you did upon our last meeting. Or else.

Until then, I guess I’ll just have to use my imagination while I search ever so desperately for some Charm City inspiration.

an important conversation

11 Jan

This morning my mother called with “an important question”:

Me: Hello?

Mom: Can you talk?

Me: Well, I’m at work.

Mom: It’s important. I found something weird in your old closet.

Me: Okay……what is it?

Mom: It’s a trucker hat and it says, “Wine ’em, dine ’em, sixty-nine ’em.”

Me: Oh, I remember that! I got it for my 16th birthday.

Mom: So what’s sixty-nine?

Me: Haha, oh my god, what? Look it up. The hat was in a movie and it was just a joke gift.

Mom: What does it mean?

Me: Mom, please! Just look it up on the internet!

Mom (flustered, tapping keys):  Fine. Why do you get embarrassed so easily?

Mom: …………..

Me: Hello? Did you find it?

Mom: Oh. Why do you know what that is?!  WHY do you have CLOTHES that SUPPORT it?

Me: I know, it’s so gross. I learned about it on the internet, too. Welp, gotta go.

2 hours later I received the following email:


I threw away that hat. You don’t need to wear that to be sexy-cool or to get a guy to like you. Be yourself, Young Lady! You’re beautiful and if it isn’t someone you already know, then you will meet a great guy who respects you and thinks you’re cool and he will love you just as you are!  It’s true and you deserve it!  Know yourself, stay positive and be clear about your intentions and the right situations will come into your life. LOVE YOU.



You might say my mom and I are on different levels. We always have been. I’ve never worn that hat and I don’t know where she got the idea that I was wearing it to be “sexy-cool” (or where she got the term “sexy-cool,” for that matter). Despite all things crazy about that email, she did make a good point: be yourself. Positive things and good people come to those who accept, love, and respect themselves. Like attracts like. I dig that. Thanks, mom.

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