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Book Design/Logo Progress

28 Mar

Waiting for someone to complete a design that will represent your published work is extremely exciting and nerve-racking, especially when it feels like it’s taking forrrevvveeerrrrr.

Throughout this entire process, I’ve learned that patience is key. One of the top issues that critics have with books that are “self-published,” is a lack of professional quality. That quality will only come from taking the time to research publishing and design and from hiring a designer if you aren’t one yourself. I have two designers, one is creating my logo and the other, my boyfriend, is designing the book. Without them, I would end up with a random picture with the title on it…..something like this:


Regardless of whether that’s a great read, I found the cover on and lord knows none of us want to end up there.

So, if you choose the path of self-publishing, try to be patient. Every aspect of the book deserves special attention if you want to end up with excellent quality. Also, if your designer is cool enough, he might share the progress with you so you don’t go super insane while waiting “forrevvvveeerrr” for the final (which is coming soon!):




You can check out Jeremy Friend’s work and process on instagram @jeremyfriend and at

Stupid Ricky

25 Mar

So, you guys remember my nemesis, Ricky, right? The guy I work with? You know, the guy who didn’t laugh at my Steely Dan joke about losing my number because apparently “he didn’t know the song” and, subsequently, lost my number?

Well, I don’t know how many more nights I could lie awake wondering if Ricky actually lost my office number, if he truly didn’t know the song or if he was just being a dick.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever learn the truth.

However, during another meeting a few days ago, as I stared at Ricky to see if I could catch a glimpse of the dark soul that surely exists underneath his hair gel and professional business person façade, he randomly turned and winked at me. It was then that I realized the truth about Ricky–he didn’t lose my number. He sucks and he just wanted me to feel dumb. Douche.

Well, whatever, Ricky. Your potent hair gel leaves a smell in the elevator long after you’re gone and sometimes there’s a booger almost falling out of your nose and I hate you and you’ll pay for this.



Ricky, burning my number


Also, I’d like to wish a Happy Pastramiversary to Jon, the unique cartoon/photo artist over at who provided his Ricky interpretation. Thanks, dude!

You can also find Pastrami Basket on Facebook and it’s awesome, so you should go to there.


20 Nov

What does the term “Veteran” mean to you? I know we’ve passed Veterans Day, but stick with me here.

Maybe you think of a friend, grandfather, dad or daughter. The word “brave” might pop into your mind like it did in mine, or “a hero, someone willing to sacrifice his or her life for our freedom.” It’s also possible that you’ve connected a statistic or negative stereotype to the word, but actually know very little.

Have you ever considered a Veteran’s response to the same question? I hadn’t really, until Sean, a Marine Corps Veteran (and sure, my hunky boyfriend), started a project called VET that prompts Veterans to tell their story. A few of the quotes were later featured in his graphic design exhibition at the Maryland Institute College of Art.



VET Exhibition at MICA


I was surprised to see the time, content and emotion put into the responses. Each one was unique, raw and beautifully expressed.

As a civilian, the project gave me the chance to connect on a personal level with Veterans. When you think about it, it’s rare that we are given the chance to hear from individual Veterans in such a way and I am thankful for the insight I took away from the experience. It’s an important project to me, and not simply because my dude is running it. I think it provides a realness, heightens awareness and sheds a new/different light on what we think we know.

Today, an article was published on Veteran Empire about VET that talks about the creative process behind the project.

Also, if you know a Veteran, perhaps he or she may be interested in contributing to Sean’s project,which has been relaunched at 

You can also help out by making a purchase on the site. Proceeds will be donated to the Seven Stars Foundation, a charity aiming to make a positive impact on
the children of both wounded and fallen military members through financial, emotional, and educational assistance.

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