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Post #3 by Another Single, Boring White Girl Named Lauren

11 Oct

Readers enjoying my boring posts may be deterred when learning that on Skype last night I played a wild and crazy game of Go Fish with my gentleman friend’s seven-year old daughter. She won. Twice.

Then he and I ate couscous together and I had a glass of wine. On a Wednesday. I know, I need to take it down a notch.

He just sent me a text saying he is starving. I am pretty hungry, too.

Anyway, back to last night. After we spoke, I tried to take a good picture of my dog and I to send out in Christmas cards. I didn’t really get the result I wanted:


Yuletide Greetings


We will try again this weekend.

Say, I just noticed that today I am not wearing socks. Dear me, perhaps I should have placed a “viewer discretion is advised” before that tidbit. I hope you aren’t cross. Please don’t be worried or frightened if your mind continues to be blown until dusk.

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