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Post #3 by Another Single, Boring White Girl Named Lauren

11 Oct

Readers enjoying my boring posts may be deterred when learning that on Skype last night I played a wild and crazy game of Go Fish with my gentleman friend’s seven-year old daughter. She won. Twice.

Then he and I ate couscous together and I had a glass of wine. On a Wednesday. I know, I need to take it down a notch.

He just sent me a text saying he is starving. I am pretty hungry, too.

Anyway, back to last night. After we spoke, I tried to take a good picture of my dog and I to send out in Christmas cards. I didn’t really get the result I wanted:


Yuletide Greetings


We will try again this weekend.

Say, I just noticed that today I am not wearing socks. Dear me, perhaps I should have placed a “viewer discretion is advised” before that tidbit. I hope you aren’t cross. Please don’t be worried or frightened if your mind continues to be blown until dusk.

Post by Another Single, Boring White Girl Named Lauren

9 Oct

Looks like a rat has made a nest on my front porch. It’s pretty much the size of a Chihuahua. I saw it eating a bagel. My diet only allows those 100 calorie bagel thins. Must be nice.

Anyway, I guess the rat is here to stay. I’ve swept its poop off the stoop on Saturdays and Wednesdays for at least a month now.

Lunch time. I brought yogurt. Got to make sure my body looks like skin and bones for next summer in case I get to go to the beach or something.

– Lauren

PS – Oh my gosh, I almost forgot tomorrow is trash day. That was a close call.

La La Versus Lauren

8 Oct

I have written as La La for over a year. It’s fun. Not including those close to me, approximately 600 of you followed this blog for some reason or another (a kiss on each of your cheeks).

Recently, I was told to be more sensible and change the content of this blog. I would like to remind anyone with concerns, that 600+ readers aren’t here to read about another boring, single, twentysomething white girl named Lauren who can’t afford cable and hates her dull job.

La La is a silly, flirty, smart, observant, independent young woman who jokes around with everyone and happens to have bright rays of love and hopefulness flying out of her somewhat clumsy butt. People from all over the world have fallen for her (even a couple of ladies) and I have received many kind emails with flattering feedback.

Maybe I am La La, or perhaps I am nothing like her. Maybe I am both people. It’s even possible that I was once one person and now I am the other. Regardless, which girl would you prefer to read about?:

1. On Saturday night, Lauren ate a veggie dog on a whole wheat bun and fell asleep on the couch around 10 pm.


2. On Saturday night, La La went out with her friends, took five shots of tequila and woke up on the kitchen floor with some guy’s number written in lipstick on her arm. She vaguely remembers his gorgeous smile. Should she call him?

Who grabs you? Does it matter which scenario is a true story?

If you believe I should change La La, then you’re missing the humor and hope of this blog. Normally I would say viva la La La (or something) and write whatever I want,

but instead I will send La La on vacation through Friday and give you a “thrilling” peek at some of Lauren’s trials and tribulations.


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